How to get to Dumaguete

Vacationing or traveling in Dumaguete can be enjoyable because of the various means of travel in the city. It is accessible via air, land, and sea. Here we will look at the different transportation options in Dumaguete.

By Air

Sibulan Airport serves the general population of Dumaguete. It is categorized as a trunkline airport by the Air Transportation Office. Major carriers that ferry passengers from Manila and Cebu include Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, and Air Philippines. There are a couple of direct flights plying the Manila-Dumaguete route on a daily basis. Cebu Pacific has one flight in the morning while Air Philippines has a schedule in the afternoon. The entire travel takes an hour and 10 minutes.

By Sea

Another transportation option in Dumaguete is via the sea. For those who opt for this mode of transport, there are ships that travel from Manila to Dumaguete. The total time of travel is 36 hours. From Cebu City, there is a fast ferry that travels to Dumaguete and the travel time is 4 hours. Oceanjet is the best choice for tourists who are looking for a quick way to get to the city.

WG & A as well as Negros Navigation have overnight trips from Manila to Dumaguete and back via Tagbilaran City.

Land Transportation From Cebu to Dumaguete

Aside from sea and air, there are likewise land transportation options in Dumaguete. This is for those who prefer to see the sights and go on an adventure. There are bus companies that leave Cebu in 1-hour interval to the town of Bato. From there, the buses board a barge that will traverse the Tanon Strait to Amlan. From there the city is just an hour away. All in all, the total travel time at regular pace is 6 hours.

Ceres Liner has daily trips to the city that leaves at half an hour interval. The earliest trip is at 3:10 am while the last trip is at 7:00 pm.

Public Transport

Within the city, there are other modes of transport that can take tourists to their destination. The pedicab is a four-seater vehicle operated by a motorcycle. Aside from that, you can hire other vehicles for a minimal fee.

While there are various means of public transport in the city, such as trikes, jeepneys, or buses, they do not offer convenience. Another transportation option in Dumaguete that can be considered is the scooter. This is the reason why the city is sometimes referred to as the scooter capital of the world. Despite its size, scooters and motorcycles are prominent and seem to be the most common mode of transportation.

In addition, the majority of hotels as well as travel agencies can arrange for transportation to any destination. However, not all tourists would opt for this option because they desire for independence and prefer to travel at their own pace. For those who want freedom to move in and around the city at their own pace, a transportation option in Dumaguete are scooters and motorcycles. Likewise, there is a wide range of companies offering car rentals. Through this option, visitors can freely move around.

Renting scooters or cars is the convenient option because through this the tourist can lease the vehicles on an hourly basis. It also gives the option for tourists to go for daily and weekly rates. Motorbike rentals can likewise be rented for a minimal cost. They are quite popular and are very visible in the city.

When it comes to driving in the city, one need be scared but should have some patience when going around Dumaguete as well as the surrounding areas.

These transportation options in Dumaguete give tourists more reasons for enjoying the sights and activities that the city can offer.



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