Shopping and Stuff to Buy in Dumaguete City

Dumaguete City features many different shopping facilities including malls, souvenir stores, and specialty shops that offer innumerable products. Inside these Dumaguete shopping establishments, people can purchase many interesting items such as novelty products, special local treats, and different kinds of souvenirs. These places provide almost everything that people need to fully enjoy their stay in the area.


One of the famous Dumaguete shopping facilities, Hikaban offers a variety of interesting and attractive items such as native handbags, which are made from a native material called raffia. Found within the area of Bantayan in Dumaguete City, this place also sells other interesting items including cases for mobile phones, placements, and coasters, all of which are world-class in terms of quality and standards. For book-lovers, they will surely find its unique book covers very attractive. People can take these special items with them on their way home as presents and giveaways for families, relatives, and friends.

Country Accents

Another reliable Dumaguete shopping facility is Country Accents, which also offers local products and other special native merchandises. The place sells interesting items such as bags, shirts, and necklaces made out of local materials. Furthermore, it also offers attractive home decors from native sculptures all the way down to picture frames. It also showcases a variety of wall decors, figurines, and mirrors. Other interesting items found within this place are decorative plates, special jars, and native baskets.


Distributor of special souvenirs and special home decors, Handpicked is another premier Dumaguete shopping facility with lots of different interesting things to offer. Amongst its special products are table napkins with special embroideries, native placemats, and ceramic plates, all of which perfectly fit inside any kitchen. Located along E. J. Blanco Drive in Dumaguete City, this commercial establishment also sells special home decors such as abaca rags, beaded throws, and many other attractive items. More importantly, this place also offers imported goods of superior quality, including things from neighboring Asian countries like China and Thailand. Some of the highly recommended items found inside this place are recliners, chairs, and sofas.

Orient Gifts

Orient Gifts is another specialty store that offers various kinds of novelty items and local products that are guaranteed to get the interest of avid shoppers from all parts of the world. Perfect as gifts, people can bring their loved ones at home special items such as lanterns made out of capiz, candleholders from coconut shells, and different kinds of native handbags all with classic and beautiful designs. Meanwhile, it also sells tourists special antiques like beds, mirrors, and drawers. There are also various types of personal accessories available including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Filipinana Shop

Distributor of authentic Filipino clothing and accessories in Dumaguete City, Filipinana Shop offers a wide range of special products such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. This Dumaguete shopping facility is located along South Road within the area of Tabuc Tubig. True to its name, this place offers traditional Filipino clothing called Barong Tagalog. One interesting thing about this place is the accessories section, where people can purchase many nice things from wallets, bags, and belts, all of which are made from heavy-duty native materials.


For special souvenirs, Handumanan is a premier Dumaguete shopping center that offers innumerable kinds of local products, all of which serve as great gifts. Found along Percides Street in Dumaguete City, this is a one-stop shop for everything that is special, ranging from food varieties down to different kinds of accessories. Right inside this place, there are attractive handmade items, different kinds of shirts, and accessories like bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, which are made from the finest local materials available.



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