Dumaguete Beaches - Philippines

The Buglasan Festival is not the only thing that draws the attention of tourists to Dumaguete but also the beaches that are perfect for swimming or sun bathing. Taking a look at some of the venues can be helpful if you are looking for a place for relaxing and enjoyment.

Apo Island

Apo Island is the leader among the beaches in Dumaguete because it is home to the only white coral beach in the city as well as neighboring environment. From Dauin, it is accessible by boat and travel time is about an hour.

Apo Island is the perfect place for relaxation and drinking. Here you can also take some fruits or wade in the water. The beach boasts of its rich marine life and guests can have an opportunity to see a wide range of species in the beach alone.

Cangmating Beach

Cangmating Beach provides you with a spectacular view of the neighboring island of Cebu. Another thing that makes Cangmating popular among the beaches in Dumaguete is because it is the perfect place to go and learn wake boarding.

Because of its low tide, the shore of this beach is perfect wake boarding country. The afternoon is the perfect time when the young people test their new wake boarding tricks.

In addition, the high tide is likewise very low which makes it perfect for sunbathing in its shallow waters. The experience by itself can be refreshing and at the same time fun.

Bayawan Beaches

Two hours away from Dumaguete is the town of Bayawan where the Bayawan Beaches is located. Its main attraction is the white sands and corals that lay underneath the waters of this beach in


Bayawan Beach can provide you with a view of the northern portions of Mindanao. Aside from that, you can eat and bring your food in the venue.

Dauin Beach

Located 15 minutes away from Dumaguete is Dauin Beach. If you are looking for white sand beaches in the city, this is the closest you can get.

However, unlike other beaches in Dumaguete, you have to pay a minimal fee in order to swim or engage in snorkeling, as Dauin Beach is a protected marine sanctuary. The beach boasts of its coral reefs and giant clams.

Bacong Beach

Bacong Beach is ten minutes away from the heart of Dumaguete. While the beaches are not necessarily pristine, it is ideal for hanging out and relaxation because of the many pavilions found in the beach. There is a cozy area in the beach known as Baconham where you can bring your own food and drinks without paying anything.

Antulang Beach

Forty kilometers south of Dumaguete, Antulang Beach boasts of being the only resort in Negros with private pool villas and suites and cottages complete with satellite TV, heated outdoor Jacuzzis, mini bars, and DVD/audio players.

Antulang Beach is famous for its 17 documented dive spots. Diving enthusiasts would be treated with a view of hawksbill turtles, groupers, manta rays, and other species of marine life. You can even go night diving and the experience makes you feel like you are diving in your own aquarium.

If you prefer snorkeling, the shallow corals of Antulang Beach are place where you can find attractive clownfish, eels, butterfly fish, and octopus.

Thalatta Beach

Thalatta Beach is located in Maluay Zambanguita nearby Malatapay Market and Apo Island Pier. This place is ideal for a family vacation because it faces Apo Island that is one of the most well-renowned dive spots in this side of the country.

If you prefer to go swimming and sun bathing in Negros Oriental, these are some of the beaches in Dumaguete that you can consider in your itinerary.



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